Sam Wick

Personal Trainer

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About Me


My name is Sam Wick. I'm a personal trainer, student, entrepreneur.

I've been working out properly for around two years now. I went from 128 lbs at the start of 2019 to 155lbs as of current, (November 2020).

My training style involves bodyweight fitness at home as well as going to the gym! I enjoy the gym more than at-home workouts, but with coronavirus, like many, I've been forced into at home workouts.

I started this personal training journey during the summer of 2020 and it has been a blast ever since. I really enjoy working with clients and helping them help themselves.

I practice and preach natural fitness. Besides coffee, vitamin D and fish oil I don't take any other supplements or enhancers

What do I sell?

I'm a personal trainer!

I sell workout routines that I've stuck to consistently for the past two years. I'm essentially my product. I want to show you an easier way to fit fitness into your lifestyle as I did mine!

The product is either daily one on one personally training via text or you can download my 3 week workout fitness program!

DM me on instagram or email me @ for coaching inquiries!

Wick Fitness Athletes perform both bodyweight fitness and weighted exercises!

With coronavirus restrictions I figured now would be a great time to distribute quality at home workouts!

If you want home workouts, this is my product

My Vision

“Here at WickFitness, our vision is to supply a quality, non-bullshit, natural approach to fitness. Supplying you with all the information you'd ever need for your personal fitness goals. All my fitness advice is practiced and preached by yours truly. ”

Free Fitness Advice Everyone Should Have

  • Consistency is going to be key to your fitness journey. Start slow, progressively push harder!

    Consistently workout, eat well and get quality sleep to watch yourself gain muscle.

    Eat a lot of protein, I personally eat around 130 grams in a given day.

    For muscle growth, strength train 4-5 days a week.

    Rest days are also more important than you think, earn them, but don't neglect them.

    Do things you like to do that are active! You don't just have to workout to get fit.

    Don't neglect cardio! Walking and biking are my favorite forms of cardio.