My name is Sam Wick. I'm a personal trainer, college student, web designer and entrepeneur. I've been working out and eating healthy everyday since the start of 2019.

I would describe myself as a consistent, dedicated, honest person.

My mission with this business is to create a 21st century approach to distributing quality, non-bullshit personal fitness information to better the world.

I'm a firm believer that all you need for personal fitness is a healthy diet and a good workout regime.

There isn't any BS in my programs. I frankly don't have time for it.

When I was reseraching personal fitness I ran into so much bullshit. Unfortunately, there isn't a diet pill or secret formula to personal fitness.

I want to show people that personal fitness is not only possible but very managable to achieve in their lives.

I believe that personal fitness is the end all be all part of life. It makes everything better.

Or in other words.

Health is Wealth