The Best Diet

A Simple Guide to Nutrition

Sam Wick



1. What constiutes a good diet?

A good diet is a balance of good carbs, fats and proteins in every major meal. With a high emphasis on protein.

This will fuel your body very well for workouts and the emphasis on protein will make muscle recovery better.

However, there really isn't a "best diet" because if you switch your diet to one of those insanely healthy meal plans; it's going too much change and odds are it isn't sustainable. The best diet for you is one you know you can stick with. A diet that allows some flexibility into what you can eat that aligns with your goals will make your personal fitness aspirations so much easier.

For changing your diet, small incremental changes will have better long term results. Remember, personal fitness is marathon; not a race. You can start by only drinking water!

I started by only drinking water, there is quite literally no need for sugary drinks or alcohol. These are what are called "zero nutrient" foods.

In general, "healthy foods" are foods that are lower in calories, but offer a lot of nutrients (ex. chicken!).

I highly recommend a good source of protein at every meal. Doing this will make muscle recovery much quicker and the next workout will be even better!

Try to eat around the color spectrum!

You can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in a day. The more the merrier! The fiber in the fruits keeps you full as well! Also, fruits and vegetables have a ton of vitamins and other nutritional benefits! According to, you can have "4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day!"

Besides fruit and vegetables, try incorporating healthy sources of carbs and fats into your body; it'll make you feel so much better!

2. How much should you be eating to gain/lose weight?

To gain weight, I'm an advocate of what's called lean bulking. That is when you eat in a surplus of 300-400 calories above your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). This will keep you leaner as you put on muscle.

However this does take longer than eating a lot of calories in terms of muscle growth. But, I think lean bulking is great for long term results. Which is what personal fitness is all about.

To lose weight, eat 200-300 calories below your TDEE to put yourself in a caloric deficit. However, if you want to eat more you can work out more to put yourself in a caloric deficit.

I recommend cardio and resistance training (weights, bodyweight) for losing weight.

Cardio because it burns a lot of calories which aids in putting yourself in a caloric deficit. And resistance training because you have to train your muscles or else you will lose fat and muscle. If you do resistance training while losing weight, you'll lose more fat and retain more muscle.

3. How much protein should you be eating?

I personally don't track macros, I just make sure to eat a decent amount of protein at every meal. Sometimes a snack too. (Yes chicken is a snack)

4. Easy diet changes.

Try only or majority of the time drinking water. Water is really all our bodies need. Limit sugary drinks and/or alcohol. This will aid in personal fitness a lot.

I probably said it before, but eat protein at every meal. The leaner the protein the better. If you're working out, muscle recovery is a requirement.

Get into a meal schedule. I eat breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. In order. Every day. This will keep you consistent. And consistency is key to personal fitness.

5. My diet

I'm also an advocate of the 80:20 rule, which is 80% of the time eat healthy, enjoy the other 20%.

This is much easier for a long term diet and will keep you lean!

Here's my 80%

My main carb sources are:

PS: You can click the food for a link to the actual food product!

My main fat sources are:

My main protein sources are:

(I eat a ton of protein)

For my 20%, I love pancakes, cake, ice cream. However, I don't eat this daily. I make it a treat.

This diet is really managable for myself, I feel like I can enjoy myself and stay healthy! Also, make carbs your friends! They will help you in your workouts, more energy!

And that's about it for this blog post!

I highly recommend getting into a good diet, you'll only feel better. Combine that with working out, and boom your fit. Just got to be consistent!

I'll be posting a blog post every day so stay tuned!

Have a good one!